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Dave Chappelle in 8 min 46 sec.

Sometimes, shit ain’t funny, and this wasn’t a time for jokes. Chappelle needed to get something off his chest. I don’t know if the guests thought they were there for laughs or if they exited the outdoor venue confused as all get out but Dave put everyone on notice, he wasn’t here to soothe your aching soul. Like most people over the last few months, he couldn’t find a single thing funny since watching the murder porn that was George Floyd’s death. His surprise Netflix special released on YouTube, took the time to unpack the raw pain that many Black men in America, and across the world, are feeling. It’s no time for celebrities to be the voice of the movement, they’ve got no more standing than you or I. Anything any celebrity can say, would be woefully inadequate at this time, he rails. I would concur – except that even his raw and angry rants, while so thoroughly encapsulating the feelings of Black people, are still fully therapeutic and totally entertaining.


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